About Us

Who We Are

We aspire to become a true benevolent catalyst for a proactive movement that embraces diversity and circular concepts for a fulfilling sustainable future. Sustainability is a concept that is completely reliant on a commitment to learning. Our vision for Malta is to become a purpose-driven hyper-specialised community that by means of research, technology and sharing of knowledge nurtures human potential, growth and development.


What We Do

ACT will strive to devise and apply practical and sustainable solutions to societal problems. We seek to inspire people to identify their interest, to learn and do what inspires them. The NGO has four main qualitative action areas; environment, health, arts and socio-economics.

Get to Know Us

We seek to engage with national and international public entities, private organisations and social communities to collaborate for the effective and humane application of science and arts to restore, protect and enhance public and ecosystem well-being.

Let’s Collaborate

ACT is always looking for enthusiastic individuals who want to make a difference.

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