B’Saħħitna is a series of think-tanks involving seven debate sessions taking place in Malta and Gozo. The purpose of these interactive sessions is to encourage a constructive debate on challenges to living a healthy lifestyle in the Maltese islands.

Members of the public, along with key figures involved in health, were invited to join in on the B’Saħħitna sessions to contribute their personal stories, struggles and solutions towards bettering health across Malta. In this way, these sessions also serve to raise awareness, whilst bringing about networking opportunities for possible future collaborations. 

The Scope of B’Saħħitna

Each session targeted a specific topic of health, from personal lifestyle choices, to health on the workplace and in social circles, to health in the Urban Environment.

The data collected during these seven debates will be prepared and made available to decision-makers in the health field and posted via our online platforms.

B’Saħħitna is a project organised by ACT and funded by ‘Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector’ through SIS (Small Initiatives Support Scheme).

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