onequestionseries opens up the space for discussions regarding various topics and issues in the arts scene in Malta right now.

By meeting with select placeholders and members of the public, ACT facilitates debates regarding the state and role of  the arts in Maltese communities. and seeks to implement real change and solutions to these issues.

The Scope of onequestionseries

As the name implies, each debate deals with one main question that is tackled throughout the session. The purpose of the questions is to tackle present barriers to experiencing and creating art in the Maltese islands.

Once these questions have been satisfied with feedback from participants, ACT Arts will focus on articulating and executing solutions.

Stay Up to Date on our projects 

To keep track of our progress, just keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages. We regularly post about topics of discussion and different sessions. To get involved more directly, reach out to us through our Collaborate page and we’ll be in touch.

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