A joint effort between QLZH Foundation and ACT, Saġġar is a long-term citizen-led campaign that aims to rehabilitate the Maltese islands by planting one million native trees and shrubs. 

Through Saġġar we seek to empower citizens and communities to pro-act and apply sustainable practices to manage their own environmental issues. Saġġar will focus on the collection, preparation and germination of native flora species and on the conduction of capacity building initiatives that aim to foster stewardship.  

How can you help?

Our future is determined by the effort we put forth to achieve this ambition. Everybody has a role to play. 

To help us out with this project, head over to the Collaborate section and sign up to volunteer.

Alternatively, you will soon be able to Donate to support our causes here on our website.

Find Out More

Read more about how you can contribute to Saġġar through the official Saġġar website

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