According to the Eurostat Published in March 2021, Malta’s forest land cover stands at around 1%. ACT’s environmental mission is to conserve and promote local flora species of the native genotype. 

For the past 4 years ACT has been sourcing seeds and cuttings from the available native old stock around the Maltese Islands. 

We have successfully propagated 55 different species of local trees, shrubs, flowers, succulents and plants. 

ACT have managed to conserve endangered native flora species that were risking extinction from the islands. We have more than 9,000 flora species in our stock that will be utilised to assist private landowners and public entities rehabilitate land with an ecological mindset.

If you would like to partecipate do not hesitate to contact us. 


The impending desertification of the Maltese Islands can be overcome by promoting the rehabilitation of the ecological landscapes through researched mechanisms, conscious designs and active social participation.

Native trees and shrubs have unique genetic attributes and are limited only to these islands. Local trees are used to Malta’s climate, soil, and fungi, given the right care in the first years of plantation they can ensure the resilience we need to face climate change. 

By promoting native flora species we would also be conserving natural heritage whilst saving on mitigating costs relating to air, noise and light pollution, reducing health and energy costs  as well as saving on monitoring and maintenance.  

ACT aims at becoming a true catalyst for a proactive ecological rehabilitation movement - engaging in local cohesion initiatives for dynamic collaboration bringing together national and international public, private, and social communities who share our ambition to implement social-ecological resilience mechanisms.

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