ACT strives to empower individuals and communities through learning opportunities, positive engagement and collaboration.

Our Projects


Human life centered around agriculture, spending time in nature, and connecting with the changing seasons.


B’Saħħitna is a series of think-tanks involving seven debate sessions taking place in Malta and Gozo…


onequestionseries opens up the space for discussions regarding various topics and issues in the arts scene in…

Working Groups

Working groups are a fundamental exercise of one of ACT’s core values: community-driven change. That…

About Us

ACT is an NGO that started out in 2018 as a group of friends who wanted to implement positive change in Malta. Since then, we have grown not only in number but also in scope.

We believe in sustainable progress across all areas of society and that this is achievable through open, constructive dialogue and collaboration. ACT puts itself behind devising and applying practical solutions to real problems happening in Malta and Gozo right now.

Let’s Collaborate

ACT is always looking for enthusiastic individuals who want to make a difference.Get Involved or Donate -We want to work with you.